French History, French Revolution

Louis XIV, The Sun King

Louis XIV was born to Louis XIII in the year 1638. As his father died, he became the king of France but he wasn’t yet eligible to take power. During this time France was governed by the prime minister, who was Cardinal Richelieu and later Cardinal Mazarin. When Louis XIV was 10 years old, France won the 30 Years’ War. In 1654 he was crowned king officially. Cardinal Mazarin remained as the prime minister of France until 1611 where he died. France needed a new prime minister and only the king could choose one. Louis XIV said, “L’etat, c’est moi!”, which means “I am the State”. Louis XIV had full power over France. He wanted to build the largest palace in Versailles; In 1661 the building of the palace of Versailles began. Louis XIV died after being on the throne for 72 years with the age of 76 in 1715.