British History, The Industrial Revolution

The First Railways

There was a time where steam engines were invented. In the year 1804 Richard Trevithick invented the first steam engine but it was dangerous when a person didn’t pay attention.

George Stephenson was an autodidact. He was born in the year 1781. At the age of 19, he taught himself to read and write. He designed his first locomotive in 1814 and called it ‘Blücher’. He designed it for his work in the mines. It carried coal from one end to another and he built it so that the children hadn’t have to carry. He was given the task to build the railway from Stockton to Darlington (ca. 26 Km). This was financed by the parliament. The same year, the railways were ready to use. In the year 1829, he designed the fastest locomotive at that time and called it the ‘rocket’. It went 46 Km/h. The railways developed over the following years.