Age of Discovery, Spanish History

The Conquistadors: Cortés in Mexico

Hernán Cortés was born in the year 1485 in Estremadura. In 1504, he travelled to Cuba. He was imprisoned there because he started a fight with the governor. In the year 1518, Cortés was in command of an expedition to explore Mexico and secure the land for colonisation. At the last minute, the governor changed his mind due to the argument they had. In 1519, Cortés ignored the orders that had been given to him and sailed to Mexico anyways. As he reached Mexico the same year, he burnt all his ships and started exploring. The natives of Mexico gifted them because there was a prophecy they believed in that said that the wise gods come from the east. Cortés took the native, Malintzin as his loved one and she was also a translator. The Spanish people also conquered Mexico and Montezuma was murdered. They conquered the Tenochtitláns on the 13. August 1521. Cortés returned to Spain and Charles V of Germany. Charles I was the king of Spain and the ruler of Germany as Charles V. In Germany was called Karl V and in Spain he was called Karl I. Some people say “he’s the ruler where the sun never goes down.”