German History

Alfred Krupp

Alfred Krupp was born in the year 1812 in Essen, Germany. His father died when he was at the age of 14. Since he was the heir of the family, he had to take over the company his father started. He was looking after the company with just 7 people. He taught himself English and French. He traveled through France and England, where he spied on the developed machines. He started to produce Steam Engines. At this time the company had 200 employees. In 1848 the company went under bad circumstances and they were bankrupt. He had to exchange his family’s gold in the bank. As soon as he invented the canons, the company was doing good again.  The German emperor asked Alfred Krupp for his canons for the war against the French. The Germans won the war against the French with Alfred’s canons. The Emperor was impressed. Alfred Krupp died in the year 1887.