Indian History

Indian Independence


Clement Attlee the former prime minister of the Britain finally declared that India would be granted independence.

In 1947 the Muslim league launched direct action day its purpose first of conveyed that an undivided India would no longer be possible.

On June 3rd 1947 Lord Mountbatten the last British governor-general in India announced the partitioning of India into a secular India and a Muslim Pakistan.

On August 14th 1947, Pakistan was declared as a separate nation with Muhammad Ali Jinnah as its leader. On August 15 1947 at the stroke of midnight India was declared an independent issue, this joyous was also scarred with violent between Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs. At least thousand people were said to have been killed during this period. 11 million Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs crossed waters.

The year following independence Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated and the entire nation mourned his death.