American History, The Industrial Revolution

Henry Ford

Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April  7, 1947) was an American industrialist, who founded the Ford Motor Company. He made Automobiles for every American; every American could afford buying a ford. Henry Ford was born on a farm in Greenfield Township, Michigan. While his parents were working on the farm, he used to build machines and find out new stuff. After his mother’s death in 1876, his father expected him to take over the farm but he didn’t like farm work. In 1891, he became an engineer for the Edison Illuminating Company. After he was promoted to chief engineer in 1893, he had enough money and time to give attention to his personal experiments. When Ford was introduced to Thomas Edison, Edison approved to Ford’s Automobile. He completed his second automobile in 1893. In 1903, he founded the Ford Motor Company. As years passed by the Ford Motor Company was successful with its automobiles. The Ford Company was very successful with the T Model, which was Ford’s favorite car. After a while, during the world war, Ford entered the aviation business. They produced planes for the war. In 1925, they got back into the automobile business. When Ford’s son was involved in the business, they stopped producing the T Model. But after few years it was produced again. His son died in 1943 with a heart failure. After four years (1947), Ford died at the age of 83 on April 7.