Age of Discovery, Spanish History

Christopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus was born in the year 1451, in Genoa, Republic of Genoa. When he landed in Portugal after a shipwreck in 1476, he read Marco Polo’s Book: The Travels of Marco Polo. Marco Polo’s Book inspired him. He was convinced: The Earth is round. So, he went to the Portuguese king and gave his majesty an idea that he could sail westwards and land in India. The king said that he was supposed to ask his experts if it was worth travelling westward to India. Christopher Columbus quarrelled with Junta dos Mathematicos, who was the king’s expert, saying that it takes 28000 Km to go westwards to India. But Junta disagreed and he said it takes 42000 Km to go westwards to India. So, the king listened to his expert and disagreed to Columbus’ idea. In the year 1485, he went to Spain. He asked the king for ships to sail westwards to India. His majesty was Ferdinand II of Aragon. He didn’t want to give his ships before he conquered Granada back. So, he told Columbus to wait until he conquers Granada back. Columbus waited for 7 years, he couldn’t wait any longer. He was going to France but he turned back to Spain when Ferdinand II of Aragon called him back. Ferdinand II of Aragon gave him 3 ships: Santa Maria, NiƱa, and Pinta. He began his journey to India on September 6, 1492. While they were sailing they saw a land on October 12, 1492. He gave the name “San Salvador” when he saw the land. But it was “Guanoham” for the natives. He called the people there the “Indians”. His crew knew that they weren’t in India. But Christopher Columbus thought that he was in India. He went to different islands and gave them names. This land was called “The New World”. He made another 2 voyages to the New World and on the 3rd Voyage, he made the natives his slaves. His crew took him back to Spain as a prisoner. He was given no ships for the 4th voyage. So, he went to a Monastery and lived there. He died on May 20, 1506, Valladolid, Spain. He is remembered as a hero who opened the way to the age of discovery.