Australian History

James Cook

5491530707_46bc77a0a7_zJames Cook is a captain for the three ships that headed towards the unknown Continent in the south (Australia). His largest ship was the “Endeavour”. His first voyage was between 1768 to 1761. He and his crew sailed westward from England on 26 Aug 1768 and arrived in Tahiti on 13 April 1769. They named the continent actually Australis because it means south. After he returned to England in 1771, he was promoted as a commander. He was said to lead the second voyage to Terra Australis on a scientific expedition. Cook said that the land (New Zealand) was not connected to a large mass of land. In his second voyage which was between 1772 to 1775, he had explored Antarctica. He brought a pacific islander who was called Omai but his actual name was Mai. Then he returned to England. In his third voyage which was between 1776 to 1779 they were supposed to return the pacific islander. Their goal was to locate a Northwest Passage around the American continent. On the way he explored the Hawaiian islands, that’s where they took their first break. When they were returning  from the Southern Continent, they took a break on the Hawaiian islands. He and his crew were forced to fight and kill the Hawaiian natives, he also kidnapped the king of the Hawaiian islands. He was killed by the Hawaiian natives in 1779.